The scheduled 2/1/2019 Partnership Guide update will be completed on 7/1/2020. All current guidelines will be valid through 6/30/2020.
Vendor Partnership Guide



Attention Bealls Florida Vendors, Bealls is currently working on plans to upgrade our Transportation Management System.  As part of this new systems, we are upgrading our Routing Request tool to improve your experience when submitting purchase orders for routing.  As soon as the date for the project is set, Bealls will communicate the timing for this upgrade and training information.




This Vendor Partnership Guide is valid for purchase orders issued by Bealls Stores Inc, Beall’s Inc. only.  The instructions contained in this guide are only valid for shipments made September 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019.  This guide supersedes all previous guides and exception routing issued by Beall’s.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to obtain the current Transportation Routing Guide in this Vendor Partnership Guide in effect at the time of shipment.  Beall’s does not mail guides.


All instructions in this Vendor Partnership Guide are terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must be carefully checked before forwarding any shipments to our Distribution Center / Stores.  If the instructions in the Transportation Routing Guide section cannot be strictly followed, you must contact Beall’s Transportation Office prior to shipment.  It is the responsibility of the vendor / shipper to access and comply with any changes to the Transportation Routing Guide.


Beall’s Transportation Office cannot give out routing instructions if the Purchase Order is:

  1. not updated in Beall’s system,
  2. cancelled,
  3. past the cancellation date
  4. prior to the start ship date

    The vendor will be instructed to contact the buyer in any of these cases.


Any changes to routing instructions can only be authorized by Beall’s Transportation Office.  Buyers should not be contacted for routing instructions.


Every routing exception expires on the effective date of each new guide.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to re-negotiate the exception with Beall’s Transportation Office.


Our next update to the Vendor Partnership Guide will be February 1, 2019.  The Bealls Stores Vendor Partnership Guide is available on our web site at Click on “Vendor Services” and then select Bealls Florida Vendor Services, then select Routing Guides.


Here’s a summary of the Vendor Partnership Guide and Routing Guide updates (appear in red throughout the guides):

  • Effective Dates, Vendor Partnership Guide & Routing Guide – Changed
  • Testing Requirements – Changed
  • Routing Guides – Changed
  • Ecommerce Requirements- Added Vendor Image Guidelines & Changed for Packing and Marking
  • Fineline Ticketing- Changed under Appendix
  • Packing and Marking Requirements- Changed
  • Floor Ready Requirements- Changed


Purchase Order Verification


You must verify that you have a duly approved PO from our buyer before you ship merchandise to Beall’s.  Always ship merchandise quoting a valid 7-digit Beall’s PO number.  You must ensure that you review the PO and verify that the details match your records, paying close attention to quantities, unit cost, discount terms, ship and cancel dates, and FOB point (city and state).  Do not ship before the ship date.  You may ship up to and including our cancel date.  The FOB Point (city and state), if “SEE GUIDE” is not indicated, should be the actual point of origin for all shipments made to Bealls Stores Inc.  Failure to ship from the FOB point specified in the PO can result in a non-compliance penalty.  Our Buyers must be made aware of any changes to normal shipping points as soon as they are known to your company.


If our buyer agrees to substitutions, or any other PO change, you must verify that our PO has been updated accordingly by requesting a buyer copy of the change.  If our PO does not match your records, or is incomplete, notify the buyer and request an updated copy of the corrected order before shipment is made.



How to Use this Manual


First, review the Purchase Order Requirements section to determine the type of PO you received.


Second, review the Floor Ready Requirements section as all merchandise shipped to Bealls Stores must be ticketed with a scan-able barcode and correct retail price.


Third, review the Packing and Marking Requirements section and find the type of PO you received to pack the goods according to the PO.


Finally, review the Transportation Routing Guide section for appropriate routing instructions.


The Appendix contains a contact list, forms, expense offset policies, and other documentation referenced in the above sections.


If you have any questions on this manual, contact