The scheduled 2/1/2019 Partnership Guide update will be completed on 7/1/2020. All current guidelines will be valid through 6/30/2020.
Vendor Partnership Guide

eCommerce Vendor Image Guidelines






  1. Welcome to imaging for


  1. Photography requirements
    1. General requirements
    2. Size & Resolution
    3. Format requirements


  1. Examples of acceptable and unacceptable images


Welcome to imaging for


Product photography is one of the most important elements that drive sales online.  Since there is no “touch-and-feel” online, engaging the customer and solidifying her choice to buy or not to buy a product primarily comes from the image.    Because these elements are so important to the customer, high-quality images have a direct correlation to good sales performance.


We understand that professional product photography can be a large investment in both time and money.  Submitting high-quality images to Bealls eCommerce ensures the quickest product-to-website timing for your company and will save in the number of samples required. 


In this document are photography requirements to ensure we give the customer the best shopping experience possible and maximize repetition across the website.


You may be asking yourself:

1.      Why should we submit images rather than samples to Bealls?

a.      It not only saves money of shipping samples back and forth, but it saves time and puts the product on the website faster.


2.      What should the image look like for my category of product?

a.      This reference guide will help answer this.


3.      What should the size of the image be?

a.      Read under General Image Requirements in this document.


4.      How do I get these images to Bealls?

a.      Please read the bottom of page 3 for delivery information.


5.      What if I have additional questions?

a.      Please feel free to contact the eCommerce Imaging Department at:



Photography Requirements:

General Requirements:

·        Images whether photographed on or off  model  should be on a clean, white (255) background (product removed from background).  If the image is not removed, then the image must include a clipping path.

·        We would need an unlimited time and scope use of the image AND the image would need to pre-approved to be used.

o   Bealls reserves the right to crop model image as needed

·        Images should be professionally lit, styled and shot.  Further in this document are some proper and unacceptable images to use as a general standard.  If any questions, please email us with your question at

·        Bealls will not accept any CAD’s, mock-ups or rendered images, submitted images must be actual high resolution product photography.

·        The product should fill out the full image spot.  There should be no more than a 225 pixel border around the product.  This ensures cropping to fit image will not result in a poor image to the customer.

·        Image file should contain at a minimum the vendor name and product style number.  Preferred way, if you have it, is Bealls’ Dept. Vendor Style and Color variation number.  This can be taken from a PO or by contacting your Buying office.

  • Exclude any accessories or props that could be interpreted as included.

Exception: Product images that are size specific i.e. handbags can contain a reference item for size like a mobile phone.

Size and Resolution Requirements:

·        Dimensions of the original image should be AT LEAST 2000 pixels on the longest side. 

·        Resolution should be no less than 72 DPI.


Format Requirements:

·        JPEG’s (Preferred) – 1MB  with Quality at 10-12

·        PNG – 2MB

·        TIFF – 6MB

·        Images embedded in word processing documents and spreadsheets will not be accepted.

·        Do not scale up an image to meet these requirements as that will degrade the image quality and render it unacceptable.


·        Preferred Delivery on disc mailed to:

Attn: Beall’s Ecommerce Images    OR       Attn: Beall’s Ecommerce Images

1806 38th Ave E                                               PO Box 25207

Bradenton, FL 34208                                     Bradenton, FL 34206-5207


Fashion items

  • Can be on figure if all features of the garment are clearly visible
    • Waistbands, hemlines, sleeves (not seated - standing on figure)
  • Can be part of an image IF the product can be isolated without significant overlapping. Unrelated products or visual clutter including hands, arms, hair, tops covering waistlines/details are to be avoided if possible
  • Young Men’s and kids clothing can be shot flat.

·        All ready to wear apparel requires a front & back shot.

·        All swatches must either be shot the same (flat, model) or proper color swatches must also be sent with main image.











Should show the below 6 views with the main image right-facing.

Main Image                                           Sole and side image as alternate images




ACCEPTABLE IMAGES: Handbags & Accessories

Main Image                      Alternate Images to show back, inside and size scale



















Background: clean white

Crop: close to pendant or feature element

Angle: see examples below



















All Dresses and swim must be on model!











       Single home item                                                 OK to show collection if sold as one item












Briefs/Panty shots must include the belly button (if visible) to the top of the thigh

Alternate back shots of Lingerie may not show inappropriate flesh.  If thong shot is on model, then thong must be cropped at top of panty to show design:


Crop just above head & below bust, bras must show face

Shoot backs of bras

Use neutral flesh tone color. 


Show all alternate views for bras


        Convertible strap

ACCEPTABLE IMAGES: Pants - capris, shorts, bermudas & jeans should also include at least one side angle: 








               Pants should crop just above the natural waist (even if obstructed) to the feet

ACCEPTABLE IMAGES: Skirts & skorts








Front & back plus any detail shot (especially for skorts which may have a skirted or short cut back)



On figure shots of shorts and over the knee skirts/dresses should include or crop just below the knees:


Calf or mid-length skirts/dresses should crop at the ankle

Full length skirts/dresses include feet















  • Overlapping products or full in group shots are unsuitable for online selling. They often require significant cropping or retouching & often completely impair the buyer’s perspective on purchasing.


 Cannot show full stack                  Can’t tell what is item                Do not show full collection

          Hearts of Palm® Rhinestone Scoop Tank           b022009p01c-22

  • Group/collection images are fine for alternate images, not main images.



          Poor image -Take out of wrappers               Poor image – low quality, bad background