The scheduled 2/1/2019 Partnership Guide update will be completed on 4/1/2020. All current guidelines will be valid through 3/31/2020.
Vendor Partnership Guide


For Vendors


This Vendor Partnership Guide is for purchase orders issued by Beall’s Outlet Stores Inc. only.


Attention Bealls Outlet Vendors, Bealls is currently working on plans to upgrade our Transportation Management System.  As part of this new system, we are upgrading our Routing Request tool to improve your experience when submitting purchase orders for routing.  As soon as the date for the project is set, Bealls will communicate the timing for this upgrade and training information.



1)      Review Bealls Outlet Vendor Partnership Guide. This is published twice a year, February and August. Changes to the Store Listing may not coincide with the twice a year publication schedule.  Be sure to continually check for store listing updates.

a)      Bealls Outlet Vendor Partnership Guide - Important to review and understand all sections, and specifically the following:

i)        PO Terms and Conditions – Appendix

(1)   Insurance Terms and Conditions – Appendix (includes Indemnification and Security)

(2)   Transportation Insurance Terms and Conditions – Appendix

ii)      Store Listing

iii)    Transportation Routing Guide

(1)   Domestic

(2)   International

iv)    Expense Offset Policies – Appendix


For Imports ONLY:

v)      C-TPAT Compliance

vi)    Import Expense Offset Policies


The vendor is responsible for communicating to the Buyer any changes in the information initially supplied by the vendor in these forms as changes occur.


2)      Social Responsibility

At Bealls we believe it is important that to ensure that the products we sell to our customers are obtained from vendors and suppliers that meet all local, state and federal laws and regulations including but not limited to health, workplace safety, human rights labor and all other social responsibility issues to include slavery and human trafficking.  Vendors and suppliers are bound to the terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must comply completely with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.  Beall’s works closely with independent agents to monitor, review, and assess factory working environments for current and prospective vendors and suppliers.  We work closely with our independent agents to address any and all compliance issues.