The Bealls organization continues to work towards converting all our merchandise vendor partners to the new Control Tower Transportation Management System (TMS). As a result, Sterling Webforms will no longer be active starting at the end of business on 11/30. Merchandise Vendors that have not completed the setup process for the new Control Tower TMS application will need to notify Bealls to initiate the onboarding process. Please use the webform tool link in this box to request to onboard onto the new TMS. The webform tool will generate an email with a ticket number. Please reference the ticket number for additional follow up correspondence or questions. Thank you for your continued partnership. All current guidelines will be valid through 1/31/21.

TMS Issues Webform Link

Vendor Partnership Guide


For Vendors


This Vendor Partnership Guide is for purchase orders issued by Beall’s Outlet Stores Inc. only.  The Vendor Partnership guide is published twice a year, February and August.  The store listing may not coincide with these updates and vendors can check back continually for store updates.  This guide supersedes all previous guides and exception routing issued by Bealls Outlet.  It is the responsibility of the Supplier/Vendor to obtain the current transportation routing guide from this vendor partnership guide in effect at the time of shipment.  Beall’s Outlet Stores does NOT mail guides.  All instructions in this Vendor Partnership Guide are terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must be carefully checked before forwarding any shipments to our Distribution Center / Stores.


All Instructions in the Transportation Routing Guide must be strictly followed.  If the instructions in the transportation routing guide cannot be strictly followed, you must contact the transportation office prior to shipment.  It is the responsibility of the Vendor/Shipper to comply with any changes to the transportation routing guide.


The Transportation office cannot give routing instructions for cancelled PO’s, PO’s past the cancellation date, or PO’s not updated in the Bealls system.


Any changes to routing instructions can only be authorized by Bealls Transportation Office.  Buyers should not be contacted for routing instructions.

Any changes to the information originally supplied to the buyer must be communicated directly to the buyer.



How to Use this Manual


First, review the Purchase Order Requirements section to determine the type of PO you received.

PO Requirements


Second, review the Packing and Marking Requirements section to find the type of PO you received in order to properly pack your products.

Packing and Marking Requirements


Third, review the Transportation Routing Guide section for the appropriate routing instructions.

Routing Guide- Domestic

Routing Guide- International


Fourth, review Tickets and Hangers Appendix


Fifth, review the PO Terms and Conditions.

PO Terms and Conditions


Finally, review the Appendix which contains a contact list, expense offset policies, and other documentation referenced in the above sections.


If you have any questions on this manual, contact Bealls Outlet compliance team, at



Purchase Order Verification


You must verify that you have a duly approved PO from our buyer before you ship merchandise to Beall’s Outlet.  Always ship merchandise quoting a valid 7-digit Beall’s Outlet PO number.  You must ensure that you review the PO and verify that the details match your records, paying close attention to quantities, unit cost, discount terms, ship and cancel dates, and FOB point (city and state) (Let your buyer know if this is not accurate).  Do not ship before the ship date.  You may ship up to and including our cancel date, but routing must be completed 48 hours prior to the cancel date.  The FOB Point (city and state), if “SEE GUIDE” is not indicated, should be the actual point of origin for all shipments made to Beall's Outlet Stores.  Failure to ship from the FOB point specified in the PO can result in a non-compliance penalty.  Our Buyers must be made aware of any changes to normal shipping points as soon as they are known to your company.


For any PO changes, you must verify that our PO has been updated accordingly, by requesting a buyer copy of the change to the PO.  If our PO does not match your records, or is incomplete, notify the buyer and request an updated copy of the corrected order before shipment is made.




Social Responsibility


At Bealls we believe it is important that to ensure that the products we sell to our customers are obtained from vendors and suppliers that meet all local, state and federal laws and regulations including but not limited to health, workplace safety, human rights labor and all other social responsibility issues to include slavery and human trafficking.  Vendors and suppliers are bound to the terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must comply completely with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.  Beall’s works closely with independent agents to monitor, review, and assess factory working environments for current and prospective vendors and suppliers.  We work closely with our independent agents to address any and all compliance issues.


Beall’s Inc. and its family of stores including Beall’s Outlet Stores are not affiliated with Bealls of Texas or Stage Stores Inc.