The Bealls organization continues to work towards converting all our vendor partners to the new Control Tower Transportation Management System (TMS) as well as actively working through various transportation challenges during this unprecedented season. In order to better serve the vendor community, Bealls has created a webform tool to address TMS and domestic transportation questions and issues. The webform will generate an email with a ticket number. Please reference the ticket number for follow up correspondence or questions. Thank you for your continued partnership as we work through the transportation challenges of this season. All Current guidelines will be valid through 1/31/21.

TMS Issues Webform Link

Vendor Partnership Guide


Purchase Order Requirements


Purchase Order Types


Bealls provides three types of POs, listed in order of preference as follows:

  1. Complex Case-pack PO
  2. Simple Case-pack PO
  3. Bulk PO


These PO types apply to all orders, domestic and import (POE, Direct Import, and Bealls Outlet Import).


Complex Case-pack PO

This type of PO has pre-defined A,B,C assortment groups with multiple style/colors/sizes.








 The Complex Case-pack PO information describes the assortment and quantities by case-pack type as seen above.


In the body of the document, the first line identifies the quantity of case-pack As, Bs, etc. to be shipped to Bealls Outlet.  The vendor will ship 200 case-pack As and 100 case-pack Bs.


Each line item is listed by manufacturer style, color, size description, unit description, cost, unit of measure, SKU number, total quantity, quantity per case-pack.


Case-pack As will include one size small, and Bs two size small.

Case-pack As will include two size medium, and Bs four size medium.

This logic applies to all line items within the PO.



Simple Case-pack PO

This type of PO requires goods to be packed by individual style/color with an assortment of sizes if applicable.  





Style 100 Order qty is 60 units, Pack qty. is 6 units per pack; 10 packs.

Style 300 Order qty is 60 units, Pack qty . is 6 units per pack; 10 packs.



Bulk PO

This is a traditional PO type with bulk quantities for each style/color/size.