Vendor Partnership Guide


Purchase Order Requirements


Purchase Order Types


Bealls provides three types of POs, listed in order of preference as follows:

  1. Complex Case-pack PO
  2. Simple Case-pack PO
  3. Bulk PO


These PO types apply to all orders, domestic and import (POE, Direct Import, and Bealls Outlet Import).


Complex Case-pack PO

This type of PO has pre-defined A,B,C assortment groups with multiple style/colors/sizes.








 The Complex Case-pack PO information describes the assortment and quantities by case-pack type as seen above.


In the body of the document, the first line identifies the quantity of case-pack As, Bs, etc. to be shipped to Bealls Outlet.  The vendor will ship 200 case-pack As and 100 case-pack Bs.


Each line item is listed by manufacturer style, color, size description, unit description, cost, unit of measure, SKU number, total quantity, quantity per case-pack.


Case-pack As will include one size small, and Bs two size small.

Case-pack As will include two size medium, and Bs four size medium.

This logic applies to all line items within the PO.



Simple Case-pack PO

This type of PO requires goods to be packed by individual style/color with an assortment of sizes if applicable.  





Style 100 Order qty is 60 units, Pack qty. is 6 units per pack; 10 packs.

Style 300 Order qty is 60 units, Pack qty . is 6 units per pack; 10 packs.



Bulk PO

This is a traditional PO type with bulk quantities for each style/color/size.