The Bealls organization continues to work towards converting all our vendor partners to the new Control Tower Transportation Management System (TMS) as well as actively working through various transportation challenges during this unprecedented season. In order to better serve the vendor community, Bealls has created a webform tool to address TMS and domestic transportation questions and issues. The webform will generate an email with a ticket number. Please reference the ticket number for follow up correspondence or questions. Thank you for your continued partnership as we work through the transportation challenges of this season. All Current guidelines will be valid through 1/31/21.

TMS Issues Webform Link

Vendor Partnership Guide


September 1st, 2018

To:  All Bealls Outlet Business Partners

Bealls Outlet sets high standards for quality, performance and consumer safety for all of the products that we carry for sale in our stores. In order to provide our customers with the highest level of standards, we require our business partners to provide certification or documentation that the merchandise we sell in our stores has undergone and passed any and all applicable product testing mandated by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

We ask that all vendors:

a) Provide copies of certification of conformity where required by regulatory policy

b) Provide certification or documentation of product testing within 30 days of the purchase order cancel date.   


Please refer to our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for more detailed information regarding this topic.

As a valued business partner, we ask that you share our concern for the safety and satisfaction of our customers.


*Our preferred testing partners are Intertek, TUV, SGS and Bureau Veritas*