The Bealls organization continues to work towards converting all our vendor partners to the new Control Tower Transportation Management System (TMS) as well as actively working through various transportation challenges during this unprecedented season. In order to better serve the vendor community, Bealls has created a webform tool to address TMS and domestic transportation questions and issues. The webform will generate an email with a ticket number. Please reference the ticket number for follow up correspondence or questions. Thank you for your continued partnership as we work through the transportation challenges of this season. All Current guidelines will be valid through 1/31/21.

TMS Issues Webform Link

Vendor Partnership Guide

A.      Contact List

For Requirements / Information Concerning:


Phone / Fax / E-Mail


  • Bill of Lading

Transportation Office

(941) 744-4658

(941) 747-4378


Webform Communication Tool for Issues

Logistics & PO Compliance

  • Purchase Order Packing and Carton Marking Questions
  • Purchase Order Violation Questions
  • Distribution Center Questions

Compliance Team           


Note: there is an underscore between

the words


  • Import Purchase Order Compliance

Angie Williams

·         New Vendor Setup

Melissa Eisenhauer

Accounts Payable

Vendors A-L – Marlene Podgis


Vendors M-Z – Robin


(941) 744-4369


(941) 744-4404

Delivery Appointments

Transportation Office

(941) 744-4377

Return to Vendors (RTV)

See Reference C. below for RTV instructions


Transportation Office

(941) 744-4658

(941) 747-4378


Webform Communication Tool for Issues


B.      Invoicing

All invoices must be mailed in to the following address:

Beall’s Inc.

Attn: Accounts Payable

PO Box 25030

Bradenton, FL  34206



C.      For Return to Vendors (RTV)

Please provide the following information to for Returns.

We will provide the DIMS once this information is received and a member of our transportation team will contact the designated person for shipment coordination

1.                      RA number

2.                      Address to return the cartons of units to

3.                      Contact person who will handle the RTV, both email and phone number