Vendor Partnership Guide


    VIII.    Appendix


F.    Carton Label Samples

UCC128 Label Samples

Required Information by Zone:

A.    From Name and Address

B.    Ship to Rugged Earth Outfitters DC Name and Address

C.   Ship to Postal Code

D.   Carrier Information (Bill of Lading & PRO# if available)

E.    6 Digit Purchase Order Number

F.    3 Digit Dept. Number

G.   Bar-Code of Mark/for Store Number

H.   Mark/for Store Number and Name

I.        Serial Shipping Container Code (Bar-Code & Human readable)















UCC128 Label Placement




Complex Case-pack Label Sample


From:  ABC Company

            1 Taylor Road

            Edison, NJ. 08817


To:       Rugged Earth Outfitters

Warehouse #50

1806 38th Avenue East

            Bradenton FL. 34208


PO#: 320034

Department #:  140

Case Pack Qty:  24

Case Pack Asst.: A

Carton ID:  A1of 2

Total Cartons:  96